elmeg Compact WIN-Tools

elmeg Compact WIN-Tools 7.75

Creates the corporate network environments
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7.75.5 (See all)
Teldat GmbH

Establish an internal network with shared hierarchical access. Configure access settings, control network behavior and monitor the activity of all connected users, restrict or provide Internet access and VoIP telephony. Filter content with the built-in firewall.

The T444 is a compact ICT system with up to six 6 a/b 2 S0 for small companies. The integrated router enables Internet access and, optionally, VoIP telephony. The T444 supports system telephony and voice applications. This system is supplied with a free software package.
elmeg WIN-Tools is a comprehensive software package that includes: elmeg Professional Configurator, elmeg Control Center, Telephone directory, TAPI and Charge Manager, Firewall Filter Wizard and LCR-Professional.

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